At the age of 15 I decided I wanted to become a photographer. My parents did not take it too seriously as since I was 10 I had also wanted to be a Fireman, Police officer, famous Footballer and even a Rock star. Supportive as always they bought me my first camera; The Ricoh XR-2s. I loved that camera; no person, place or object got out of the way of my viewfinder.

After a brief love affair the camera got put down and I went on a journey of finding myself which included Mechanic, Builder, Architectural drafter, Visual Merchandiser, Musician, Hairdresser, Personal trainer, and a Boxing coach until I finally realized my path was always meant to be back in the world of photography.

Beginning as a dishwasher at Limelight Studio in Melbourne, Australia where for the first 6 weeks I sat on the sofa and literally just washed dishes until one of the photographers came up to me and said “Come and hold this light” and from there on in for the next 4 years I became a Photography assistant.

Finally I decided to make the big step and go out on my own as a photographer where having some luck I picked up some very nice clients which included Magnum Opus advertising agency and Conde Nast publications and Metricon Homes. It was finally all coming together so as any smart brained individual would do I left for a city where nobody spoke English: Shanghai, China and began again!

My work ranges from all over the world dealing with some of the biggest 4A agencies and Brands in the world; McDonalds, Burger King, Shangri-La Hotels, Starbucks, Princess Cruises, Element Fresh, Colgate and Nestle to name just a few.

Limelight deals with all aspects of Photography, Video, Retouching, Editing, Design and Production, to create the ultimate final visual impact for our clients brands.I pride myself on my attention to detail, technical skills and pushing the creative boundaries and values which I aim to keep and continuously pass down to all my current and former team members.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work as I have truly enjoyed creating them.